Mohammed Magdi

Comedian / Beard Grower / Frequent Blinker

who the F is Mohammed magdi anyway?


Mohammed hails from ... ehh, fuck it! Hi, I'm Mohammed Magdi. A stand-up comedian currently based in Shanghai, China. I have been a regular headliner at Kung Fu Komedy club for a while now. I have toured a few cities in China and other countries including Singapore, Beijing, Shenzhen, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka, Seoul, Hong Kong, Manila, Taipei, Yangon, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Dubai and Cairo to name a few.

I was the official opening act for Jim Gaffigan on his “Quality Time” tour in Shanghai in 2019, and the official opening act for Gad Elmaleh on his “Dream Tour” in Shanghai in 2018.

I also worked with Kurt Metzger, Ari Shaffir, Brad Williams, Joe Wong, Jimmy Shubert, Mark Normand and Kyle Kinane.

I've recently featured on the second season of Comedy Central Arabia Stand-up show Comedy Central Presents: Stand Up

I'm the proud winner of the Bangkok International Comedy Festival 2017 and the kind of proud first runner up of the China International Comedy Festival 2016

There you have it. I got trophies and shit. Contact me if you want to book me. If I like you, I might let you touch my beard.



Live in Shanghai @ Kung Fu Komedy club

Live in Shanghai @ Kung Fu Komedy club

Mohammed's been on a mission to confuse the children of China.

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